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An essential stop-off en route to the Phoenician cities where trade was flourishing, the history of the town of Villasimius stretches very far back indeed: it is an area awash with history and culture, because from the 7th century BC onwards it witnessed the arrival and subsequent departure of everyone from the Phoenicians to the Carthaginians, the Arabs and the Spanish. After having been for centuries a crucial staging post for traders and sailors alike, over recent years it has become a tourist hotspot thanks to its stunning coastline and crystal-clear sea.

When you visit Villasimius, you will have a wealth of options for discovering this wonderful part of the world, ranging from fascinating traces of the Nuragic era to a plethora of excursions into the natural environment – on foot, on horseback or on a bike, to immerse yourself in the perfumes of myrtle, juniper, helichrysum and mastic, or in a boat, which will allow you to admire the hidden nooks and crannies of this still-untainted coastline.

With a full 20 miles of coastline and a tourist port with capacity for 750 vessels, Villasimius is the ideal destination for those who love the water and the natural world. The coast offers beautiful sights that are sure to impress everyone, from small, delightful rocky coves to endless stretches of white sand, which are ideal for families with children.

The closest beach to our hotel is Campus beach, which features coarse, ochre-coloured sand (the colour derives from the nearby Rio Foxi) and transparent water with a magnificent seabed just waiting to be explored. The facilities available include: a snack bar also serving drinks, free parking, toilets  and three entranceways, including one with a ramp for use by those with disabilities. From the beach it is also possible to access, on foot, the next bay along the coast. 

The town of Villasimius offers all of the facilities you will require to make your holiday as comfortable as possible, and it really comes alive at night, playing host to numerous open-air bars and restaurants, complemented by live music and entertainment in the alleyways of the historical centre.